Unsafe on the Road – Motorists Fail Road Sign Test

There are some rules of the road that seem to confuse motorists more than others. For new drivers there is an awful lot of information to take on, which can lead to confusion initially. It seems that more experienced drivers are also getting confused though too, as they become used to driving in a certain way and forget some quite basic rules.

The understanding of road signs plays a big part in this. There are some signs that people simply don’t remember, and others that are confused with instructions that have nothing to do with them at all. According to a survey undertaken by insurance company Aviva, there are a number of instances where UK drivers make these basic mistakes again and again.

The survey showed that only one in ten drivers knew the correct meaning of double yellow lines, something commonly seen across the country, whilst a third of drivers also didn’t know the national speed limit.


A further third of drivers were unable to identify signs for ‘one-way traffic’, ‘pedestrians in the road ahead’ and ‘no buses’. The bus sign was the most commonly misunderstood, with only 45% of people recognising them.

A quarter didn’t not know the meaning of the sign for ‘no through road’, with 22% of drivers believing it indicated a T junction. Frighteningly a third couldn’t correctly identity the ‘one way traffic’ sign either.


Despite an average of only eight questions out of fifteen being answered correctly, and only two motorist scoring full marks, four out of five people asked would classed themselves as ‘safe drivers’.

What this survey illuminates is quite worrying. What it also does though is show the importance of remaining vigilant on the road. Keeping fully in control and concentrating from the minute you are in the car is vital to safely getting from A to B.


Also, if you take a road sign test and find you have the same problems as the drivers above, it might be time to do a little research too…