Motorway Driving

Practice Makes Perfect – New Practical Driving Test Proposal

Since the first driving test in 1935, more than 46 million tests have been taken in the United Kingdom. Although there have been a number of new rules and regulations introduced over the years, for the past 20 at least, the practical driving test has remained more or less the […]

Drive like a Dream – Overtaking on a Motorway

The most important thing to remember when you are driving on a motorway or dual carriageway is concentration. Learning to split your focus between how you drive, where your car is positioned and the intentions of the cars around you is key to driving safely on roads that require high […]

Drive like a Dream – Mastering Motorway Rules

The move from driving on a 30mph road to tackling a dual carriageway is often daunting. It isn’t just being able to control the car under greater speeds, but also managing your awareness of the cars around you. It can be scary but, once you have mastered a few basic […]