Safe on the Road – All Weather Driving

As winter comes to an end and spring begins to flourish, we can hopefully start to expect drier, warmer weather, and far easier driving conditions. Although things will start to get more pleasant, it is important to remember that this is the UK, and bad weather is always be just around the corner, even in spring.

Complacency when it comes to weather conditions is something we can all be accused of in spring. We see sunshine and feel the warmth and forget that in reality there is still the very real possibility that wet roads and strong crosswinds will be a part of any journey we take for the next few months.

When it comes to all weather driving, there are certain factors that it is critical you take into account when out in poor conditions. Adjust your driving style to suit the weather is a sure way of being safe on the road, and I recommend the following tips:

Stopping Distance

Your stopping distance on wet roads should be double that of normal. This is around four seconds from the car in front, to ensure you are able to stop in time. Distance and speed will affect this, so make sure you are vigilant and in control at all times so that you maintain the appropriate distance.

Other Road/Pavement Users

When you are driving in wet conditions consider cyclists and pedestrians at all times. A passing vehicle can drench someone if there is a lot surface water. Be considerate on the road, not just because it shows respect, but also for safety too. If you hit a cyclist with a wall of water it is difficult to maintain balance for example. Look well ahead at all times and give other users plenty of space as you pass.

Crosswind Impact

During robust crosswinds some vehicles can become highly unstable and require not only high levels of concentration by the driver, but understanding from fellow road users. The problem is especially evident on exposed roads such as motorways or bridges, where high sided vehicles and cyclists are most vulnerable. Make sure to give these vehicles extra room when overtaking and be considerate when you are following them.

Above are just a few of the things that must be considered when driving in all weather conditions. The most important thing that the above tips show is that concentration is paramount, as is respecting other drivers on the road. The conditions are the same for everyone, so being considerate and taking care of your driving can make tackling adverse conditions simple.