Safe on the Road – Eco Safe Driving

When driving a car the most important thing will always be safety. Making sure that you are following the advice of your instructor, and that you are abiding by the laws of the road, can reduce your chances of an accident. Everyone has a certain style that they drive in, one which should mean you are comfortable but also conscious of the cars around you.

One recognised style of driving that has been proven not only to contribute to road safety, but also to save you fuel, is known as Eco Safe Driving. As the name suggests, it is a style that means that changing a few simple things can make a huge difference to your vulnerability on the road, and the fuel in your tank.

Pulling Away

When pulling away it is tempting to have your foot on the accelerator and the bite point when waiting. Not only does this constant revving mean you are wasting fuel, it also means you have less control over your vehicle. Take your time, stop the car and wait. Those few extra seconds could make all the difference.

Choosing your Speed.

Vehicle speed is obviously something that can have repercussions if disobeyed. You should always keep within the speed limit, only ever going over by a few miles per hour if absolutely necessary. Remember, the faster you go, the more fuel you use too. Vehicles traveling at 70mph use up to 30% more fuel to cover the same distance as those traveling at 50 mph. A slower speed saves money and improves safety. Don’t go too slow though, as that can equally inconvenience drivers.

The Accelerator

When appropriate you can always take your foot off the accelerator and allow the momentum of the car to take you forward, for example when travelling downhill. This will save you fuel but you still have control of the car. Avoid rapid acceleration and heavy braking too, as these also contribute to higher fuel consumption.

Selecting Gears

It is not always necessary to go up and down each gear, and it is sometimes possible to miss out intermediate gears as you drive. This helps you to reduce the amount of time you are accelerating when driving, and so saves you fuel throughout the journey.

Simple changes can keep you in control of your car, but also saving fuel. Safety should always come first, hence the Eco Safety name, but keeping that extra cash in your pocket doesn’t hurt either!