Manoeuvre like a Master – Reversing Round a Corner

At Bailey’s Driving School we are keen to share our knowledge of manoeuvres, to help learner drivers feel more confident when in the driving seat. As a driving instructor in Essex, I spend my time in towns and cities across the county, helping learners get on the road.

This week I was in Witham and thought I would use the opportunity to perform the perfect Reverse Round a Corner, to show you that by following a few simple steps it is an easy manoeuvre to master.

Forest Road in Witham was the ideal spot and was where I performed Reversing Round a Corner using the following steps:

  1. Drive past the junction about 2 or 3 car lengths. Check you can see the junction through your back window.
Reversing Round a Corner - Before you start make sure you can see the junction

Step 1.

2. Look around the car, especially in your blind spot, to check for other vehicles who might overtake.

3. Reverse back, looking through your back window, until you can no longer see the kerb you are reversing towards. Stop to check for other vehicles again.

Reversing Round a Corner -Reverse back until you cannot see the kerb

Step 3.

4. When safe, turn the wheel half a steer to the left and begin to reverse backwards. Keep your speed at walking pace and adjust the steering depending on how close you are to the kerb. You can check this through your side window. Stop if any cars drive by.

Reversing Round a Corner - Turn the wheel half a steer

Step 4.

5. If you are having trouble seeing the kerb then lower your door mirror down to check where it is and adjust accordingly.

6. Halfway round the corner stop again and check to see that it is still safe to reverse.

Reversing Round a Corner - Stop and check, make sure its still safe

Step 6.

7. Stop as many times as you need to see where the kerb is.

Reversing Round a Corner - If it helps stop to make sure you know where the kerb is

Step 7.

8. As the kerb comes back into view through the back window, slow down again. Once the car is straight and parallel to the kerb, straighten the wheel and drive back in a line to about 2 to 3 car lengths from the corner.

9. By following these simple steps you will master you Reverse Round a Corner in no time at all. Next time you are in Witham try reversing at Forest Road, the ideal spot to learn from.

Want to manoeuvre like a master? Then download our PDF version of Reversing Round a Corner to carry in the car!

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