Pass Plus

Bailey’s Driving School offer Pass Plus courses:

Why do I need Pass Plus?

Now you have passed your driving test, it’s time to insure your car as a fully qualified driver. This can be expensive although you can take a pass plus course to reduce your insurance cost, improve your driving skill and knowledge.

Pass Plus course take 6 hours to complete although it’s designed for newly qualified driver it can also be taken up to one year after your test.

The Pass Plus course is made up of six modules, examples are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction

The instructor will tell you about the course and its benefits to you as a new driver.

Module 2: Town Driving

This is a practical module which concentrates on observation, eye contact, vulnerable road users, multi-lane junctions, unusual roundabouts, being cautious (not hesitant) and keeping space around your car.

Module 3: All Weather Driving

The aim of this module is to cover all aspects of driving in different weather conditions.

Module 4: Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads

This session is a practical session endeavouring to cover differences from town to country driving, for example bends, hills, uneven roads, dead ground, slow moving vehicles, horses and many more.

Module 5: Night Driving

Covers early evening, dusk, dark and early morning, and all aspects of night driving.

Module 6: Dual Carriageways and Motorways

The driving onto, on and off, multi lane motorways and dual carriageways with effective observation using mirrors, blind spots, overtaking, lane discipline.

There is no test at the end. The instructor will assess you throughout the course and issue a certificate on successful completion of the course.

Baileys Driving School in Witham Pass Plus

Baileys Driving School in Witham offer Pass Plus Tuition.









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