Manoeuvre like a Master – Turn in the Road

The first manoeuvre we’ll be looking at in 2015 is the Turn in the Road. Simple in principle but another than can cause problems if you aren’t concentrating. Stopping and checking the traffic is absolutely key, to make sure people are allowing you to continue. Once that is mastered simply take your time and relax.

When practising a Turn in the Road it makes sense to choose a secluded location with a road that is wide enough to be able to turn, but narrow enough to prove a challenge. As you become more confident look to take on narrower roads too. If it takes more than three turns, so what? There will be times when being able to move in a tight space will be hugely beneficial, so practise now!

  1. Pull the car to a standstill after looking around to make sure it is safe to stop. You should be on the left side of the road.

IMG_0511 2.Once it is completely clear begin to slowly move forward, turning the steering wheel a full right lock.


3.  As you get closer to the right hand kerb begin to straighten the wheel, making sure to stop before you hit the kerb.


4. Once stopped put your handbrake on and put the car in reverse gear. This shows the other drivers on the road your intention to reverse backwards. Look left, right and       behind you, to check it is safe to reverse.

5. Once clear start to reverse slowly and turn the wheel a full left lock, looking out the rear window as you move backwards.


6.  As you move towards the kerb check your side window to judge the distance away. Start to straighten when you think you are getting close.


7. Stop the car before hitting the kerb and put the handbrake on. Put the car into first gear then check left and right for other cars before beginning to move forward again.



Provided you take care to stop the car regularly throughout the process to check for other drivers, the Turn in the Road is a simple manoeuvre to master.  If the road is narrow there is no reason why you can’t repeat the steps as many times as you need to get completely around. Just take your time and remember to check for other drivers.


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