Manoeuvre like a Master – The Parallel Park

When it comes to parking I am often told that my learners find a Parallel Park the most challenging. It is a manoeuvre that is all about angles and practise, getting used to your car and the points it is important to turn the wheel at, and by how much.

It is absolutely crucial for learners to perfect this manoeuvre if they want to become accomplished drivers. Whether you are parking outside your house on the road, or struggling to find a suitable space when out, a successful and confident parallel park can open up your options and give you the opportunity to take advantage of spaces that other drivers dismiss.

1.  Pull up alongside the parked car you intend to park behind, making sure you are a 1 metre away from its side door.


  1.  Look around the car to check for other vehicles before moving.
  2.  Once clear reverse back until the back or front of the car that you are reversing around can be seen through your side window.


  1. Stop and look around the car to check for other vehicles before moving.
  1. Start reversing again and while moving turn one left steer towards the kerb. Reverse back until the front of your car faces two o’clock, imagining the other car is at twelve o’clock.



  1. Stop and look around to check for other vehicles.
  1. Continue to reverse and while moving straighten your wheels by turning one steer to the right away from the kerb. Stop when your wing mirror is covering the other cars number plate.



  1. While stopped look around the car for other vehicles.
  1. Start reversing again and turn one steer to the right away from the kerb. You can if you need to turn a little more away from the kerb. Use your initiative or ask an instructor for guidance.



  1. As the car straightens up in line with the kerb, straighten the wheel with one turn to the left back towards the kerb.



Take the time to print out our PDF for this manoeuvre and practise in your mind before getting in your car. By following these simple steps and with plenty of practise you will be mastering this supposedly difficult manoeuvre in no time.

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