Manoeuvre like a Master – A Bay Park to the Right

The next manoeuvre we will be looking at is a bay park to the right.

A Bay Park can often be seen as challenging thanks to the locations you will need it. In a busy car park learners can often panic under the stare of other drivers, but if you are able to concentrate and follow these steps then a Bay Park will become second nature when it comes to passing your test.

Throughout Essex, and especially on my Chelmsford and Witham routes, I come across cars parked awkwardly who make it difficult for other drivers to park alongside them. By practicing your Bay park and following these steps, you will not only make life easier for yourself, but for your fellow road users too!

For this example I used the following steps:

1. Pull up alongside the bays.


2. Make sure there you are at least 1 car width away from the bays you intend to park in.

3. Make sure you are 3 bays further forward from the bay you intend to reverse back in to.

4. Line up the car so that the line of the 3rd bay away looks to be halfway up the car.



5. Begin to move the car backwards and steer full lock to the right.

6. Look out of your side window and stop half way round to check that it is still safe to continue.

7. Check the left side of the car too, using the left hand wing mirror to make sure you are going into the space.


8. Keep the car turning until it looks straight then straighten the wheel to the left before reversing backwards into the space.


9. If you are having trouble seeing the lines of the bay you are reversing in to then lower your door mirrors. The car should go back in a straight line.



All bays are different shapes and sizes and have various difficulties to them. If you are not quite in the bay then don’t worry. Simply pull forward and then straighten before reversing back again into the space.


As ever these instructions are available as a PDF, so feel free to print them off and take them with you the next time you practice. Make sure to try more challenging bays once you are confident, so that you are able to master the bay park in every situation.

Want to manoeuvre like a master? Then download our PDF version of Reversing Round a Corner to carry in the car!

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