Drive like a Dream – Tackling Roundabouts

Drive like a Dream – Roundabouts

A lot of people find tackling Roundabouts daunting, especially when they’re busy. Roundabouts were introduced to keep traffic continuous, but at a slower speed that could heighten safety. The slow speed is key and maintaining that, along with a few other simple rules, will help you to take on Roundabouts with ease.

Make sure you approach the Roundabout at a speed that means you can stop or give way. Approach too fast and you may misjudge the traffic, or fail to see a bike. If you are not sure which way a vehicle intends to turn then don’t pull out. Simply wait.

You must always give way to the right on a Roundabout in the UK, as traffic will be moving in a clockwise rotation. There will be signs on the Roundabout itself if you are unsure.

Keep an eye on the car in front as well as the cars on the Roundabout already. Your slow approach will give you the opportunity to take everything in.


Vision is key when approaching a Roundabout. As you get nearer it is important to manoeuvre yourself around in your seat to get the best view possible.

Early Vision means Early Decision.


 Turning Left 

  • As you approach the Roundabout slow down and indicate to turn left.
  • Keep in the left hand lane, unless road markings dictate that you can’t.
  • Make sure you continue to follow your lane once you enter the Roundabout.

Going Ahead

  • On approaching the Roundabout there is no need to indicate.
  • Keep in the left lane, unless that lane doesn’t allow you to continue ahead. If it is a ‘Left Turn’ only lane, then move to the next one along.
  • Follow your lane across the Roundabout.
  • Before leaving check you left mirror and then indicate to turn left just before the turn you intend to take, but after the one before it.


 Turning Right

  • Indicate right on your approach,
  • Keep in the right hand lane if possible, or a middle lane that allows you to turn right if not.
  • Stick to your lane until it is time to come off at your turning.
  • Check you left mirror.
  • Indicate to turn left just before the turn you intend to take, but after the one before it.
  • Move across to the left towards your turning, checking your left mirror as you move.


 Mini Roundabouts

 Approach these in the same way as a large Roundabout, preparing to give way to the right and reducing your speed on approach. The only difference is that you don’t need to signal when you leave.

Things to be aware of are that sometimes you may not see the Roundabout before you reach it, so keep looking for signs.

Beware that some drivers will try to make a U-turn on a mini Roundabout too, so make sure you are aware of which way the cars to your right and the cars ahead of you are going.

You should always go around a mini Roundabout, unless you are a large vehicle or have a trailer that prevents you.


 Why not download our PDF and make sure that when you’re out practicing you know everything you need to about tackling Roundabouts.

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