Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect – The Driving Test is Changing, Are You Prepared?

The requirements for passing your driving test are changing. From the 4th December this year, the structure will differ for England, Scotland and Wales. Additional testing of certain skills and a shift in examinable manoeuvres are being introduced to keep up 21st century driving. Make sure you’re prepared for your […]

Practice Makes Perfect – Main Driving Test Fails

There can be any number of reasons why someone might fail their driving test. There is the potential for you to lose concentration, or suffer from a lack of confidence in the build up to test day. You may even have found yourself rushing to take your test too soon, […]

Practice Makes Perfect – New Practical Driving Test Proposal

Since the first driving test in 1935, more than 46 million tests have been taken in the United Kingdom. Although there have been a number of new rules and regulations introduced over the years, for the past 20 at least, the practical driving test has remained more or less the […]

Practice Makes Perfect – Hazard Perception Test Tips

The definition of a hazard in terms of your Driving Theory Test is anything that causes a driver to adjust their speed, change direction or stop the vehicle they are driving. In reality there are a lot of situations on the road that require these actions; traffic lights and zebra […]