Care for your Car – Breaking down

Breaking down is not a fun experience. The cost, the inconvenience to others and the time it can take to get yourself back on the road are just a few reasons why you should want to look after your car. You should always do your best to prevent a breakdown happening and keep your car in the best condition you can.

Most breakdowns happen simply as a result of neglect. This can range from failing to have the vehicle routinely serviced by a reputable garage, to direct, outright abuse of the car by using it in ways that cause immediate or prolonged damage.

If you do break down there are a number of things that you will need to consider and use in order to keep other drivers, and yourself, safe.


Always put your hazard warning lights on when you break down and try to wear high visibility clothing if you can. Do this as soon as the car has stopped or is showing signs of breaking down, to give other drivers enough time to avoid you and understand your situation.


Warning Triangle 

You should have a warning triangle in your car. These can be folded flat for easy storage and are easy to put up and down.

They should be positioned 45 metres behind your vehicle.

If you have broken down on a winding road or hill then make sure to put the triangle where all drivers will see it, to warn them that the car is there.


The Hard Shoulder

If you do break down on a motorway you are not allow to use a warning triangle.

You should try to make sure that your vehicle is on the hard shoulder if you can and immediately put your hazard warning lights on.



Emergency Phones

On the motorway there are emergency phones which are able to get you through to a break down service.

Always face the traffic while you are on the phone.

You should get out from the passenger’s side door and wait on the grass banks so that you can easily see the emergency services as they arrive.

If you use your mobile phone then there are markers on the hard shoulder that will give you an exact location.




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