Yearly Archives: 2017

Practice Makes Perfect – The Driving Test is Changing, Are You Prepared?

The requirements for passing your driving test are changing. From the 4th December this year, the structure will differ for England, Scotland and Wales. Additional testing of certain skills and a shift in examinable manoeuvres are being introduced to keep up 21st century driving. Make sure you’re prepared for your […]

Safe on the Road – Surprising Driving Laws

In the UK, ignorantia legis neminem excusat. That is, ‘ignorance of the law excuses no one’. Simply claiming you were unaware that vandalism is illegal will not save you persecution if you are caught in the act. The same applies to laws regarding the road. In Japan, it is illegal […]

Green Means Go – Is This The End For Diesel Cars?

Drivers have always had a rocky relationship with diesel cars. Favoured for their fuel efficiency, the diesel car became popular in Europe during the mid-1900’s. With concern for climate change growing, manufacturers were pressured into adjusting their vehicles, making efforts towards a quieter, cleaner production. However, these alterations did not […]

Safe on the Road – Learner Drivers on Motorways

Soon, we could see learner drivers on motorways across the UK. Learner drivers are not currently permitted to drive on motorways, even in the presence of a fully qualified driver, but that could soon be about to change following a new government proposal. If the plans are approved, the Transport Minister, […]